Easter Eve 救主復活大守夜

Spent Easter at St. James’ Church, Taichung…. you can just see it shining in the darkness through the trees and across the main road…

IMG_8545 IMG_8556

The church is located right opposite a spectacularly ugly building otherwise known as the National Art Museum, which fortunately is much improved at night and when viewed from afar, when the surrounding sculpture park and the trees cover it all up a bit!

IMG_8544 IMG_8553

Anyway, we started our Easter Eve with the lighting of the Easter fire outside….

IMG_8587 IMG_8577

And continued in the church, the first part of the service all lit by candles…

IMG_8598 IMG_8601

A beautiful service, combined Chinese and English… and followed by food and cake and all sorts of goodies, a great start to Easter YA!

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5 Responses to Easter Eve 救主復活大守夜

  1. Ada Wong Nagata says:

    Wonderful! Thank you or sharing, Catherine. I am wondering your mentioning of the service with combined Chinese and English, did you repeat or alternate with each language? How about the worship materials, did you print in each language? Ada.

    • We mostly alternated with each language, except the Gospel which was read in both. The bulletin with order of service was printed in both languages, hymns printed in both, ppt showed either both, or in the case of the OT and NT readings showed whichever language was not being spoken at that moment….

      • Ada Wong Nagata says:

        I am curious. Were there equal Chinese-speaking and English-speaking parishioners? Or one group more than the other? How did they feel about alternating the languages and how often do they have joint service like this? Sorry for all these questions. Just would like to do how other folks do joint services. Thanks. Ada.

  2. I’ve asked Warren Sevander to reply to you, he’s in charge of the English service. I think there were probably about one-third from English service and two-thirds from Chinese service….

  3. Warren Sevander says:

    Hi, all. I just want to add that this particular Easter Vigil was such a moving experience for me. Catherine is right; there was about a 2/3-1/3 split between Chinese language congregation and English language congregation attendees. In my experience, that is an excellent split. I think we have been seeing a gradual increase in the number of English language congregation members who attend the combined services. Catherine, you did an excellent job of capturing the essence of the service in photos, from the candlelight procession and on into the chapel. It was great to see new Deacon, Rev. Joseph Ho, involve in the service. Rev. Philip Lin gave a wonderful sermon which was so sensitively translated by Jerry Liang. The music was wonderful. It was great to see the Youth Choir from the Chinese congregation sing. One young, bright-eyed teen just smiled, closed her eyes and lifted up her voice in praise to the Lord. Seeing her do that brought tears of joy to my eyes. Anyone watching could tell without question that she truly believed what she was singing, and also that the Lord has had such a strong impact upon her life. Quite the testimony. The English language Choir sang a choral arrangement of the contemporary Christian song called ‘Easter Song’. That has always been one of my favorite worship and praise songs. I was so delighted to hear it sung at this service as well as Easter morning in the English language service. I think that the Lord is blessing all the ministries of St. James, and it is exciting and a privilege to see it and to be a part of it. “He is risen. Alleluia!!”

    – Warren

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