Easter Worship at the Kumquat Farm ~ Alleluia!

Kumquats are a small citrus fruit like an orange – with sweet-tasting peel but inside juice is sour ~ very popular eaten whole or dried or made into fruit tea… yummy yummy!

We spent Easter Sunday in Chiayi County at the Kumquat Farm…..

.IMG_8762 IMG_8766 IMG_8683 IMG_8772

Run by a family who are third-generation Christians and even have a display there in their museum to show their Christian heritage….

4 of our Episcopal churches gathered together for Easter worship – over 100 from St. James’ Church and Church of the Leading Star in Taichung, 60+ from Grace Church, Tainan and 20-30 from St. Peter’s Church, Chiayi – so we were almost 200 people!

IMG_8706 IMG_8724

After the service there was a buffet lunch, and lots of the foods containing kumquats… then a tour of the farm and factory…

IMG_8737 IMG_8740

And photos of course of everyone – here we all are!


Then mid-afternoon we all went our separate ways, and our group from Taichung went to visit Gukeng, famous for its coffee – nearby is Yunlin County’s 228 Memorial – the numerals 22 joined by an 8…

IMG_8800 IMG_8809

A wonderful Easter day for us all, and so many came along who would never normally darken the doors of any church, a great outreach!

Happy Easter everyone ~ Christ is risen, alleluia!

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