Lipstick or Flower? Ah, Wistful Wisteria…

It’s the wisteria season and it’s everywhere!  Especially near here – in fact the TV has reported on a wisteria garden nearby and people are flocking here in their droves…  Not one to be left out of course, I’ve just been there too…

IMG_8869 IMG_8897 IMG_8924 IMG_8895

Wisteria is a symbol of humility – the flowers hang with their heads down, and the colour and scent are so light and gentle….

123968832-260x260-0-0_estee+lauder+estee+lauder+e+l+pure+color+sensuous+And lipstick?  Well Estee Lauder does have a lipstick called ‘Wistful Wisteria’, advertised as “So addictive, your lips will crave more. The only lipstick with indulgent, creamy color wrapped around a luscious soft center” – this is it on the left, though you need a bit of wistful imagination to associate it with the flower!

Actually wisteria reminds me of my godmother who always dressed completely in mauve, from head to toe, and yes of course she loved wisteria….. a great lady, a beautiful flower!


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One Response to Lipstick or Flower? Ah, Wistful Wisteria…

  1. Rachel says:

    Catherine, Thanks for your blog. Do you know if there is a problem with your email at present? We have tried to send you Easter greetings a couple of times but the messages have been returned. Rachel and Peter

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