And the best news of the week…..

is the arrival into the world yesterday of this beautiful baby ~ named 主愛 (pronounced a bit like Zhu-Ai),  主 is Lord, and 愛 is love ~ her big sister is 主心 (Zhu-Shin, the same 主 Lord, and  心 meaning heart).  Beautiful names eh?


This is the same family as I wrote about in my May 2012 CMS Link Letter and blog post last year when grandmother died, and we held the funeral in Chung-Li…

Baby’s mother is our good friend Feng-Mei, originally from St. James’ Church, Taichung – she and her husband and family live out on the windswept islands of Penghu, stuck out in the wild ocean off the west coast of Taiwan – so, much as we would all love to, unfortunately we can’t just jump on a bus and go and visit… 

So until we can, we’ll have to make do with this photo – this baby is certainly gonna be a charmer, can’t you just see that twinkle in her eye?!

Congratulations to Feng-Mei and her husband, and thanks be to God for baby’s safe arrival!


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