SJU 校慶 Celebrations…

IMG_9484It seems to rain this week every year, and yep, today we awoke to torrential rain ~ but hey the rain stopped, and by lunchtime the sun was even out trying to shine yeah!

Just in time as the annual celebration week at St. John’s University reaches its peak with zillions of people here today for formal and well, not-so-formal celebrations…..

Yesterday was the annual Memorial Service for Bishop James Wong, founder of SJU – in thanksgiving for his life and commitment, attended by all the students who receive scholarships from a fund established in his memory…

IMG_9425 IMG_9474

Then this morning the formal celebrations with VIP guests took place in the big auditorium…. while outside the main boulevard was (and still is) filled with people and entertainment…

IMG_9547 IMG_9594 IMG_9555 IMG_9600

Every department is here offering everything from massage to games to the SJU Chaplaincy offering second-hand clothes and paper flowers, and there’s food, food and more food…

IMG_9486 IMG_9525 IMG_9518 IMG_9510 IMG_9508 IMG_9604

And there’s a new exhibition just opened at the SJU Digital Arts Center – with lots of things including some interesting pianos….

IMG_9569 IMG_9572 IMG_9576 IMG_9588

IMG_9532And finally to dogs, and this one in particular, here today in the midst of all the millions of people …. well, what to say apart from hmmmm, it may look cute – but I’ll tell you, that dog’ll bite your head off if you get too close…. yap yap yap!


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