Sharing the views ~ and the news….

Very early Sunday morning as the sun was coming up ~ so was I!  Out into the parkways and empty streets of Taichung City up to the Science Museum….

IMG_9858 IMG_9863 IMG_9867 IMG_9868

and then back to St. James for views from the 8th floor of the art museum, cultural centre ~ and of course empty main roads….

IMG_9875 IMG_9877 IMG_9879Actually the highlight was not all these views of the early morning, beautiful though they were – in fact it was meeting my old friend, now aged 91 –  known each other for over 10 years as we’re often out at the same time of day….   She’s amazing, always out there pushing her wheelchair to the seats in the park to wait for her friends to come along and have a chat… full of stories about earlier life – we have a lot of news to catch up on ~ and her husband’s there stretching and walking around…. he’s the same grand old age!


Notice the empty streets – not many people and hardly any cars…. in contrast to typical Taichung street scenes ha ha – this place is usually jam-packed!

Sharing the views – and the news ~ a great way to start a Sunday morning!

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One Response to Sharing the views ~ and the news….

  1. Charles Chen says:

    What a wonderful coincidence it was, meeting and chatting with your old friend who is healthy and friendly at her age 91 of longevity. Life is overwhelmed with significance, brightness and hope! You really were launching a very different day in life on that early morning!

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