Welcome to the brand new 中壢 Chung-Li Outreach Centre!

Yesterday was our 中壢 Chung-Li Outreach Centre’s Welcome Party for our new location – we’ve moved!  Moved only down the road and around the corner, but it’s off the main street and so cheaper to rent…


Invited friends from the SOS Children’s Village who live nearby (and who have a long relationship with Good Shepherd Church in Taipei, and now the Outreach Centre)….

Took them to the park in the morning… and then in the afternoon was the grand bazaar –  the SOS Ukulele group played and sang, there were stalls and balloons and dancing – and finally the grand money count – NT$ 8,400 all in aid of SOS!

IMG_0868 IMG_0919 IMG_0979 IMG_0943 IMG_0961 IMG_0988 IMG_0999 485458_662290797121810_672785808_n

A great day, a great community outreach and a great launch for our new location – next step ~ dedication, blessing and a new name!

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