Sunny day in Keelung YES!

In fact the whole country has been steaming in temps in their mid-30’s, unusually early in the summer ~ so everyone was at the beach getting sunstroke or cocooned inside in the air-conditioning…

Off to Keelung  – Taiwan’s north-eastern port city and the one with the consistently most miserable weather – but yesterday was so sunny, even in Keelung!

So off to Trinity Church, Keelung for their morning worship ~ what a beautiful service!  Uplifting and worshipful, with a dynamic and inspiring sermon on Elijah and the Prophets of Baal, with a congregational response and challenge as to how this story applies today and especially here in Keelung – famous for it’s gods, temples, Ghost Festival and well, general darkness… lots of young people in the service – which lasted over 2 hours – but nobody got restless, great!


Last time I’d been at Trinity Church for a service was almost exactly a year ago on Trinity Sunday – this was my post at the time – now the baby that was christened on that day is a whole bit bigger, and here she is with her mother…. plus friends and church members…

IMG_1059 IMG_1062 IMG_1039 IMG_1065

And after the service and lunch, my journey home via Keelung Port – which had a cruise ship just arrived….

IMG_1081 IMG_1079 IMG_1069 IMG_1076

And blue sky and sea… a great novelty!

And then an earthquake just after I’d got on the bus, which explains why we didn’t feel it… Praying for those affected, mostly in central and southern Taiwan…

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