Wives v. Husbands: 1-0 to the smiling wives!

Such was the laughter coming from the restaurant as our little group of 9 met for lunch to mark the  end of this year’s English class – and as the lone husband who usually comes was away, so it left ladies only ~ and make the most of it they did!

Wow what stories, no one could keep a straight face – some of these women are a force to be reckoned with lol!  So 1-0 to the wives…


And in case you’re wondering, yes the food was wonderful, and yes the wall hanging is Turkish ~ and as the owner’s daughter and her Turkish husband have now settled in Taiwan, Turkish coffee was the order of the day – served in special Turkish cups – very delicious!

Oh yes, and the name of the restaurant is ‘Doy’ which apparently just happens to be a Turkish expression for being full with delicious food… true true true!

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