Welcoming 張員榮牧師 and family to their new home!

Our Advent Church Rector and SJU Chaplain 張員榮牧師 Rev. Lennon Chang and his wife Hannah have just moved to a brand new apartment down the road in the new town area of Tamsui – wow, just look at this!

IMG_1378 IMG_1369

In case you’re wondering, buying this apartment was more than covered by the sale of their old apartment in expensive Taipei City.  And they’re on the 4th floor here which is always cheaper as many would consider 4 to be unlucky, but praise the Lord, Christians have no such problem.

IMG_1375There’s 600 apartments in 12 blocks, with every kind of facility you could imagine, sauna, swimming pool, library, pool room, tea room, party room, gym and so it goes on and on ~ and there’s frangipani flowers all over – it’s all amazing!



The elephant sculpture has received high awards, and over the main entrance is a large golden thing that looks a bit like Moses’ Burning Bush – this is the view of it from their kitchen…

IMG_1366 IMG_1384

IMG_1362Their apartment is no. 139 – just think of Psalm 139 and you won’t forget!  

And being on the 4th floor, so Psalm 139:4 is Before a word is on my tongue, you, LORD, know it completely.’  Most appropriate!

Inside, the ‘slippers’ are lined up on the right ready for the visitors, and the shoes of those already arrived on the left … and just look at the lock in the front door – now that’s security for you!

IMG_1395 IMG_1389 IMG_1404

All the different Advent Church groups are visiting – to celebrate and welcome the family to their new home, so last night I joined one of them – we had Bible Study and then refreshments – delicious!


And here we all after a  wonderful evening…


God bless Lennon and Hannah and their family as they settle into their new home, and thanks be to Almighty God for his wonderful provision!

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