Typhoon Soulik 蘇力颱風 …

Well that was some night!

The first typhoon of the season and it’s been on its way for days ~ schools and work were cancelled yesterday mid-afternoon for most of us, and there was not much to do but wait it out…

You’d have thought that with so many typhoons every year that everything that’s ever gonna fall would have fallen by now.   But no, in fact there’s a whole lot of damage to things that we never expected, while things that we thought might succumb are in fact still standing this very morning!

Seems the main doors of Advent Church were blown open by the wind ~ so inside was a small scene of devastation with lots of water, chairs blown around, broken plant pots and soaking wet envelopes blown here and there…

IMG_2879 IMG_2892 IMG_2882 IMG_2886

Half the roof of the seating area of the swimming pool has collapsed, trees, signposts and motorcycles are blown over, and there’s all sorts of stuff blown and dumped in strange places…

IMG_2872 IMG_2910 IMG_2957 IMG_2959

Up here on the northern coast the wind was the main thing, gales and gusts and bangs and all sorts of noises that woke me up at 1:00am – and that was it for the rest of the night!  At 2:30am all the power went off – so that was the end of air-conditioning and fans – remember it’s the height of summer, and the heat and humidity are intense!  But if a window is opened, even only a little to let in some air – the wind comes roaring in and the house feels like it’s taking off…

So this is the St. John’s University campus in the aftermath – and the fact that I can post these photos shows that the power must be back – yep, after a 9-hour outage.   Typhoon now moved on towards China, but it’s still raining and blowing a gale out here…

IMG_2861 IMG_2869 IMG_2966 IMG_2969


The only things really enjoying it all are the snails – this one is trying to climb along the wall…

Everyone’s relieved so far that the typhoon hasn’t been worse – thanks be to Almighty God – and praying for those killed, injured and with damage to property or vehicles…

Now there’s a lot of clearing up to do –  the fallen tree outside the church is now being cut up and removed, branches are being scooped up from the church steps, and our deacon, Rev. Cheng Chen-Chang is in the church ironing the soggy offering envelopes!  He was supposed to have been ordained priest last night at St. John’s Cathedral, Taipei, but the ordination service was postponed until next weekend because of the typhoon… please do pray for him!

IMG_2975 IMG_3020 IMG_3006 IMG_2984

Thanks everyone for your prayers and support for us during this typhoon – it’s only the first of the season, so please do continue!

BBC News: Typhoon Soulik makes landfall in Taiwan 

Taipei Times: Soulik leaves two dead, 104 injured

PS: Sunday morning in Advent Church – and all are thanking God for his mercy and grace…

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