Goodbye 鄭成章牧師!

Said goodbye to our very good friend Rev. Cheng Chen-Chang 鄭成章牧師 today – he’s been here at Advent Church for the last 2 years and was ordained priest only last Sunday….  (Ordination Service was delayed by over a week because of Typhoon Soulik which meant unfortunately I couldn’t be there – at the precise moment of the ordination we were in Mainland China having our foot massage!)

Today is his last Sunday here at Advent Church…. as from August 1, he’ll be at St. Mark’s Church, Pingtung – all the way down south at the far end of the country, although actually it happens also to be the town where he grew up….

So today was his very first celebration of Holy Communion at Advent Church (and wearing his new robes, gifts of the church)… but in his current position, also his last!


We also said goodbye to his lovely wife, who sings in our choir and whose flower arranging skills are legendary – here they both are posing by her flowers – beautiful eh?!


Thank you Rev. Cheng, we will miss you – but may Almighty God bless you and your family as you start your new life and ministry…

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