Sun Moon Lake ~ in all its glory!

And what a beautiful place it is!


And especially in the company of wonderful friends, Jerry and Jean, plus our lovely friend Lynn visiting from the Philippines…


Sun Moon Lake is about an hour from Taichung up in the mountains of central Taiwan ~ and yesterday (Friday) was definitely better than the weekend for numbers of people!

Started off at the Xuanzang Temple, built in memory of Xuanzang, famous Buddhist monk and scholar….

IMG_0215 IMG_0201 IMG_0207 IMG_0206

From the temple grounds, the view of Sun Moon Lake is amazing!

IMG_0180 IMG_0193

But by lunch time, the clouds had come rolling in, and the rain came down in torrents ~ but it stopped in time for us to wander around the lake, home to the Thao indigenous people…

IMG_0249 IMG_0225 IMG_0251 IMG_0222

And then the sun came out….


IMG_0258We finished with ice-cream in the midst of our second torrential rainstorm of the day, but it had stopped in time for us to go home – only to find that in Taichung it hadn’t even rained at all!

My conclusion lol: the best and most relaxing way to see Sun Moon Lake is not by boat or by cable car or by rushing here, there and everywhere, just head to the Xuanzang Temple grounds and enjoy the view, the coffee and the company ~ thank you Jerry, Jean and of course Lynn – definitely THE people to go with to Sun Moon Lake YA!

For Jerry’s version of events, check out his blog here: Mookoo’s Home

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