Happy Wedding Day at Advent Church YA!

Beautiful bride Ping-Yi and handsome groom Hua-Chi – our church members and good friends of us all – were married here yesterday in a wonderful service (and yes, just in time before the typhoon hit!)


IMG_0718Ping-Yi’s mother and sister are also very committed Christians and Advent Church members, but this is the first time we’ve ever met her father, and here he is – we’re all so happy to see him – and isn’t he lovely?!

Hua-Chi was a student here at SJU many years ago, baptized here and his family came from Taoyuan for this very special occasion…

IMG_0740 IMG_0769 IMG_0805 IMG_0860

Our church members with the happy couple…

IMG_0908 IMG_0925

Then the throwing of the bride’s bouquet from the top of the church steps ~ and the wonderful reception…

IMG_0937 IMG_0964 IMG_0971 IMG_0990

Congratulations to the happy couple and may God bless them both…

And we pray for and look forward to seeing the bride’s father in Advent Church again very soon!

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