Ah, Heighington ~ so close to my heart!

A Great Moment in History is here ~ my first ever visitor from Heighington has arrived in Taipei ~ A Big Welcome to Stephanie!


Many years ago in the dim and distant past (OK, 1985 to be precise…) I launched into the world of teaching with 4 years as Reception Class teacher at Heighington Primary School in Co. Durham, N. E. England ~ where Stephanie was also teaching, and her lovely daughter was in my class – ah those were the days!

And soooooooo, Heighington became my ‘home church’ and in 1989 they kindly sent me on my way to CMS and life in far distant places ~ and eventually to Taiwan….

In 2008, the Bishop of Taiwan, Bishop David J. H. Lai and his wife, Lily, accompanied by Rev. Charles C. T. Chen and his wife, MaryJo, visited Heighington for several days before the Lambeth Conference – highlights included a visit to Heighington Primary School and Bishop Lai’s tea ceremony in Heighington Church…  And so connections and friendships were made….

Fast forward to last Tuesday, and Stephanie’s arrived in Taiwan for a short visit, sooooooooooooo happy!  Bearing gifts ~ mugs from Heighington Church and tea-towels from Heighington School…

So off to tea with Bishop Lai in Taipei ~ notice Bishop Lai’s Heighington mug, and he’s given Stephanie boxes of Chinese tea to take back to Heighington…

IMG_1597 IMG_1589

Plus a delicious welcome dinner with Rev. Peter Chen and Rev. Elizabeth Wei too….


And then to St. James’ Church, Taichung to see Rev. Charles Chen and family….


And off for a wonderful day at Sun Moon Lake – coffee at the temple and presentation of gifts (notice the Heighington School Tea Towel)…


Plus sharing of Stephanie’s ppt about Heighington and her family (even the old photos of us in 1989 – groan!) Hey, but everyone’s fascinated lol!


And just check out the view!


And all followed by a sumptuous welcome dinner in the evening in Taichung, and a presentation of gifts from Luanne, supervisor of St. James’ Kindergarten ~ St. James’ T-shirts!


And finally to Charles and MaryJo’s home for tea – such a happy ending!


Ah, Heighington, what a great community in the church, school and village!  Thank you to you all for your support and care over the years ~ and thanks Stephanie for coming, what an amazing opportunity to show you all the lovely people and places of Taiwan YES!

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