There’s just no stopping her ~ Steph hits the classroom!

And still smiling, as always!  My oh-so-photogenic (yep, every photo is perfect!) visitor from Heighington, Stephanie -having run me off my feet around Taipei – has now hit the classrooms of Taiwan with a big bang ~ YEP!

Once a teacher, always a teacher ~ she is just amazing!

Started off on Monday morning with a request from our publicity office here at St. John’s University for a photo-shoot for our new DVD.  Sooooooo relieved to hand over all responsibilities to our Steph in her black dress and brand new red Chinese jacket (yes, she just loves dressing up!) ELEGANT is the word!

IMG_1905 IMG_1911

Next stop, Monday afternoon and 2 Advent Church Community English Classes for adults, one in the nearby community centre, and one in the Tan Shirt Factory, a good chance to meet some of our church members, local people and of course friends….

IMG_1940 IMG_1946

And so to yesterday, Tuesday, and most of the day at Lao-Mei Elementary School for 5 classes, attended by all 160 children in the school ~ we had singing and musical scales (wow, I’ve never sung so high!) for the younger ones, plus a game of eating biscuits dangling on a string….  With the older ones Stephanie shared the cards she had brought from Heighington School – the Heighington children had introduced themselves and asked questions for the children of Taiwan…. Ah, a wonderful day!

IMG_2014 IMG_2003 IMG_2043 IMG_2141

And a group photo with the Grade 5 class holding the cards from Heighington School…



And so to last night and ‘Relaxed English’ for our students held at my house – most of the group in fact are exchange students from Mainland China ~ so they looked at photos of Heighington (ooohs and aaah galore, especially when they found us both in the staff photo taken in 1989 groan!) ~ ah, such a fun evening!


And in case you’re wondering what there’s left to do before Stephanie leaves tomorrow – well today is dedicated to er, well, yes…….. shopping!

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