Steph’s new best friend ~ says farewell!

Yep, introducing you to our Steph’s new best friend – isn’t he gorgeous?!


He (or is it a ‘she’?) was here to welcome us when Stephanie arrived in Taiwan last week straight off the plane from Heighington, Co. Durham (ah, in the glorious north-east of England – such great memories of my 4 years teaching there at the primary school)…

Well, such a warm and friendly welcome from such a beautiful spider was just a bit tooooooo much (well he did keep running up and down the curtains!)….

Few days later, arrived home late one evening to find spider in the doorway ~ seeing us there he fled straight back inside and up the stairs.  As you can imagine, our Steph was not having him upstairs and bounded up the stairs after him….  result: he fell overboard through the railings and back down to the ground floor….

Sorry no time to get out the camera, Stephanie was just moving too fast!

One morning me and him met face to face ~ and after some long discussion, became friends.  Even almost signed a Peace Treaty.  Agreed that if he would pose for a few photos, and even allow me to put a pen besides him to give you some idea of size, well then I would ensure that he could end his days peacefully lol!….


And so in honour of our new friendship, he came out on the final evening and said a fond farewell to our Steph who was leaving the next day ~ ah, will they ever meet again?


Wow, the things I do to get photos for a ppt – all for Stephanie to take home to show the children at Heighington Primary School and friends and family…. SO DO ENJOY!

Ah, Steph’s new best friend – and isn’t he gorgeous?!

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One Response to Steph’s new best friend ~ says farewell!

  1. Really makes you think that those little creatures have spirits and thoughts, doesn’t it?

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