SJU (Shanghai) Archives and Research Center ~ Opening Day!

The first day of the Tenth World Reunion of St. Johns’s University (SJU) Shanghai Alumni, and this afternoon’s highlight was the official opening of our brand new SJU Shanghai Archives and Research Center here at SJU Taiwan, on the 6th floor of our library building – it’s an amazing transformation, honest!

Actually it was originally the office where I was based for the first 3 years that I was here – with great views of the campus, church and sea – so I know how very distracting that view can be, ha ha!

The whole 6th floor has now undergone an amazing transformation into the new SJU Shanghai Archives and Research Center, and it’s beautiful – with lights that change colour, and all sorts of interesting displays in both Chinese and English.  Bishop Lai came for the short service of blessing ~ attended by the SJU Shanghai Alumni plus SJU Taiwan alumni, trustees and VIPs.

After the opening ceremony, Mrs. Wang and Mrs. Pong, 2 of the SJU Shanghai alumni from Hong Kong, one Anglican and one Methodist, came with us for their first visit to Advent Church – and then coffee, what a great time of sharing we had!

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