Daisy’s Dazzling Day!

It’s not every day that your one and only son gets married ~ and yesterday was THE day!

Daisy works here with us at St. John’s University, and her son studied here and was baptized here at Advent Church a few weeks ago, so him and Daisy (oh yes, and one sister-in-law) are the only Christians in the whole of their extended family – so what a wonderful witness that the wedding could be here – and what a great day it was!

All followed by the wedding banquet in downtown Taipei ~ with 12 tables, 4 of which were taken up by Daisy’s friends from SJU!

Many many congratulations to the happy couple, Mr. James 田家信 and Ms. Ann 邱靜儀!

Check out the 2 wedding songs, sung during the service by our church members Ms. Wang and Mr. Lee – they are amazing (and dazzling too!) 

A dazzling day for Daisy and all the family!

(And what made everyone laugh was the groom’s cellphone going off right at the most serious moment of being proclaimed man and wife – but that’s a whole other story lol!)

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