A Taste of Taoyuan….

The high-pressure system that has pushed Super-Typhoon Haiyan south over the central Philippines these past few days has also meant that Taiwan has had a weekend of glorious sunshine and high temps, just like high summer – what a contrast with recent past weekends.  Yet we’ve been very mindful of the terrible calamity unfolding in the Philippines, and our prayers are with them all…..

Advent Church had longed planned a church outing for this past Saturday ~ and so we were delighted that the weather was so wonderful.  Off we went in a big bus, all 36 of us (church members plus many friends and family members) up into the foothills of the central mountain range in Taoyuan County, about an hour or so S. W. of Taipei – home to the Atayal Tribe of Indigenous People.

Our guide was Ms. Lee Yu-Fen, one of our church members – what an honour for us all to have such a friendly guide – and such an expert too!

First up to Xiao Wulai waterfall 小烏來瀑布 and the sky walk that goes right out over the edge – wow!

Then to Jiaobanshan Villa and Park 角板山蔣公行館, country home of President Chiang Kai-Shek and his family and also a sculpture park, plus the ‘war-preparedness tunnel’ (and in the local village all sorts of edible mushrooms and fungi on sale), and then to the famous 基國派老教堂 Tuba Tribe Church (group photo time!), which is now replaced by a new one, so we went there too, it’s beautiful!

And then to Da-Xi (Da-si) the main town in the area, famous for it’s old streets and for dried tofu (shopping time!), and finally to dinner (catch your own fish first!) – where we also had a cake to celebrate Tan Mama’s ?????th birthday.

Amazing – the rest of us were exhausted but she and Tan Baba kept going all day ~ and of course both still smiling away!

Taoyuan is a very diverse county – from the international airport and low-lying industrial towns, to the high mountains and beautiful waterfalls – of course we only got a taste (oh yes and the food was delicious too!) but what a wonderful taste it was!

In thanksgiving to Almighty God for such a great day, in such a beautiful place, with such great people!

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