Yesterday’s V-Men Charity Run was quite an event – zillions of people and what great weather – overcast, but no rain all day – perfect!  This is us ~ the Taiwan Episcopal Church team….


VIPs in attendance included Taiwan’s most famous ultra-marathon runner 林義傑 Kevin Lin, most well-known for running the Sahara…. and of course our own Bishop Lai!

The V-Men charity is the Garden of Hope Foundation – an NGO in Taiwan working to end violence against women and girls – and also a member of the National Council of Churches of Taiwan, NCCT, of which Bishop Lai is chairperson for these 2 years 2013-4.

IMG_4193A group of us from the Diocese of Taiwan go along to the NCCT meetings each time and every year NCCT organizes an ecumenical Sports Day, hosted in turn by a different NCCT church or group.  Last year it was us, this year the Garden of Hope’s turn – a Sports Day with a difference ~ NCCT were the main sponsors but the whole of Taipei was invited!  Check out this article in Taipei Times from last Friday all about it….

Part of the morning included male VIPs and volunteers wearing high-heeled ladies shoes to ‘walk a mile in her shoes’ – inspired by a similar activity in Canada, to give the men better understanding of what it’s like to be a woman… so Bishop Lai, Rev. Peter Chen and our evangelist Mr. Wu staggered the required distance in high shoes and bright socks!

Then we had the road race which went over the bridge and around the park on the other side of the river… max 3,000m. The NCCT group was the last to set off – with me at the back, and as I walked most of the way, not surprisingly I came in right at the end, at #435 ha ha!

IMAG0123But then I was fairly staggered to hear my name called out as one of the 3 main winners of the lucky draw for all participants – the prize was presented by no less than ultra-marathon runner 林義傑 Kevin Lin himself, and the prize was a baseball signed by 彭政閔 Peng Cheng-min (nickname Chia-Chia) who is the one of Taiwan’s most famous baseball players – playing for the Brother Elephants Team.

I am now the proud owner of a valuable crown jewel, or so everyone tells me!  People oohed and aaahed, and of course so did I…. but yes I admit, I had to have a quick lesson on who these famous people all were!  Moral of the story – always keep yourself informed on exactly who’s who in Taiwan!

A meaningful and of course fun day for everyone YEAH!


And now, what to do with my prize baseball, any ideas anyone?!

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