Taking off exponentially….

Sometimes former students reappear and reconnect and hey presto, it’s like they never left ha!

And just sometimes, former students reappear and reconnect and hey presto, it’s like they’ve been away a million years – cos they’ve changed so much!

Such is Tom’s case – 18 months at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane and he’s come back for his summer holidays all grown up ~ and of course speaking wonderful English.  And all set for his final term to complete his Masters in Game Design….

Check out my June 2012 blog post at the time of his departure ….

One of my other former students, Eric, who did his MBA at QUT, is himself just back from a spell in Singapore, and is now launching his own trading company here in Taiwan – he invited us out for dinner to welcome Tom home, in fact almost straight off his flight…


Talked all evening about everything, especially all things Australian lol.  Wow, these 2 young guys are taking off exponentially, and are a credit to themselves, their families, their country and of course to QUT!

And if everyone who went overseas to study for a Masters came back with such good English and broadened view of the world, this country would take off exponentially too!


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