From sizzling Sabah ~ a wet and windy welcome!

Sabah, ah Sabah – such great memories of that huge majestic mountain (Malaysia’s highest – Mt. Kinabalu), all those delicious fried noodles, and best of all, all those lovely people!

So making the most of their long summer holidays, and a group from the Diocese of Sabah have been here for most of this past week on outreach ~ one group visiting St. James’ Church, Taichung, Trinity Church, Keelung and even our brand new outreach in Yilan… while another group went to Miao-li for Hakka outreach…..

Welcomed my good friend Rev. Paul Lau and his group of 7 yesterday to visit us here in a very windswept and blustery St. John’s University….


IMG_4645Yep, they’d spent most of the day in the warm sunshine of Taipei City, but by the time they got out here, the clouds and wind and cold had swept in, and wow – it was freezing!  Waiting for the bus was their real test of endurance – come to think of it, not unlike my memories of the night a few years ago that I spent on top of their big mountain, ha ha!

Ah, such a warm (or perhaps not?!) welcome to Taiwan!

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