And all credit to the people of Taiwan….

One of the good things about Taiwan is that being a relatively young democracy, there’s just so much enthusiasm for getting involved in decision making ~ it’s great!  So when the government decides to do something and people don’t like it, they go out on the streets and have a rally, and everyone turns out!

The latest issue is over civil partnerships and family diversity (the latter apparently meaning not just 1+1, but many + many – ie multiples of each, thereby ending any problems of adultery) …..

Anyway off to the streets everyone went on Saturday!  The whole event was really well organized, staffed by volunteers, and well supervised by police who kept their distance… we had performances of dances and songs and speeches and activities and so it went on all afternoon…  The reports are here:  from the Taipei Times and from the BBC – read these, they tell you everything!

I was, as always most impressed with the friendly atmosphere, the families, the children, the elderly, the students, the churches – everyone was making the most of the beautifully sunny day and really enjoying themselves, but of course with the serious intention of letting the government know their views – in a peaceful and respectful way, and particularly respectful of those who hold different views on this matter…

I was there with some of our students and church members – and we found ourselves in among hundreds of indigenous Taiwanese aboriginal peoples from Hualien on the east coast and Pingtung in the south, all ages from grandparents to small children and many wearing at least some of their traditional clothes – they were so lovely, and of course we became great friends in the course of the afternoon!  

A real credit to the Taiwan people that such a rally can be held so peacefully in the centre of the capital city, and with so many people participating ~ wow, there must have been zillions!

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