Factory English Class ~ Happy Christmas!

Today was the last day for the Advent Church Community English Classes this semester ~ so we combined the classes together for a wonderful lunch at the Tan Shirt Company Factory just up the road ~ everyone bought something along to eat, yummy yummy!

Tan Shirt Company is run by our good friends and church members, the Tan family ~ they’ve got 2 or 3 factories all specializing in different parts of the shirt-making process ~ and this factory is the cutting factory…..

The factory class was 10 weeks teaching English to their workers and a few neighbours starting from very basic abc – a big challenge and, well, definitely not the same as teaching small children!  Thank God for our assistant Rosa who was a great help in translation and explanation.  They are a great group – plus last week we got to share the whole Christmas story with them, so wonderful to see their concentration!

Please pray for all our community outreach – and for hearts to be touched this Christmas!

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One Response to Factory English Class ~ Happy Christmas!

  1. John & Sal Fowler says:

    Our dear friend, Catherine. You are such a great communicator- well done !!!
    Love from Sal & John.

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