SJU 聖誕節義賣Christmas Bazaar!

Once a year, and only once!  Wow, what a week lol!

The one and only annual SJU Christmas Bazaar ~ and this year in aid of The Garden of Hope Foundation, who work to end violence against women, and who only a few weeks ago ran the V-Men Charity Run which we all went to – and I still have my signed baseball to prove it ha!

Actually most of the fundraising comes from direct donations but the fun part is the actual bazaar, selling everything (including a telescope), and yesterday off we went to Costco to buy goodies to sell …

Today’s bazaar was a real community effort – involving SJU faculty, staff and students, Advent Church staff and church members, and local people including the principal of the local elementary school and some of the local parents who came to help and buy – wonderful!

And lunchtime today was the big day…. so many smiles despite the wind and cold ~ I was wearing 2 Christmas hats ha ha!

Thank you everyone and thanks be to God for a great day – grand total to be announced before the end of the year…

Now exhausted, we are all collapsed in a large heap recovering lol!

PS: December 31, we presented the Garden of Hope with NT$ 240,000 ~ praise the Lord!

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