Christmas at Advent Church!

This being a normal working and school week, we have our Christmas service on Christmas Eve at 7:30pm ~ so it’s great that this year it’s a weekday, so our students and some of the staff can come ~ YES!

At last night’s service we were also delighted that 3 of our students were baptized… but it was too cold to have the baptisms down in the water pool, it’s cold enough just having water poured over your head!

Twice a year we have incense, that includes Christmas Eve, and we have a new, enthusiastic and very tall incense-waver, which means his arms are extra-long and his swing very far-reaching…. so we were engulfed in clouds of incense for most of the night – and for most of these photos ha ha!

Church looked beautiful, all red and green, and we finished the service by singing Silent Night by candlelight…..

So happy to see one of my students – who comes for his English class every Friday morning in preparation for the Police Entrance Exam – and his girlfriend, their first church service!

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