Advent Church celebrates St. John’s Day!

The Sunday after St. John’s Day, and the service at Advent Church yesterday was led by members of our SJU Student Fellowship Group including leading all the singing, readings, prayers, servers etc etc.  The choir had a chance to sit in the congregation, and all the songs were choruses – so of course I just loved it!  All the collection went to the student ministry – them students done a great job!

Our chaplain and rector Rev. Lennon Chang was away presiding at his nephew’s wedding, so the service was led by retired priest Rev. Michael Liou (who sang the Gospel!), and Bishop Lai was here for a confirmation service…  for 6 – mostly students or former students, plus one older man who lives in the care home nearby….

Oh yes and we had a very very tall visitor, Bruce from a church in Boston, USA, who had come to see the stained glass artwork (our lovely friend and designer Lyn Hovey is also working in their church to restore some of their windows)….

A great celebration of St. John’s Day, praise God!

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