Chinese New Year is fast approaching, schools are out, spring cleaning is underway, shopping is in full swing, and everywhere is being decorated with New Year decorations for the Year of the Horse…

IMG_9598 IMG_9603

It’s also the season of New Year banquets (known as 尾牙 Wei-Ya) for all companies, offices, schools….

So in the last 2 days, I’ve been to 2!

On Monday evening Good Shepherd Kindergarten hosted a dinner for all staff and those who have helped out in any way throughout the year…. and here we all are (including Bishop Lai who is perched on a chair in the back row)!


Then last night was St. John’s University Banquet here in our auditorium for several hundred people….

IMG_9655Presentations were made for all those who’ve been here for 10, 20 or 30 years. Our chaplain Rev. Lennon Chang was one of those who received their 30-year certificate from SJU President Chen…


The previous night I had met one of our SJU students who works at the restaurant where we had the Good Shepherd banquet – he was so polite and welcoming!  He’s a student in our Information Management Department, so when I met the lecturers of his department last night, I just had to tell them how wonderful their students are – that’s why they look so happy!

A non-stop 2-3 hours of entertainment – from students and staff, with hundreds of prizes in the lucky draw.  One of the first went to Ms. Chao in our Chaplaincy office who was so happy because the gift (a heater) was donated by our bank, and the bank manager was there to draw the lucky tickets, and she (and her husband) and the bank manager have all known each other for over 40 years (and yesterday happened to be her husband’s birthday) – hence the hug!

IMG_9663 IMG_9665

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year ~ an occasion on which to even hug your bank manager!

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