Starting Today! 台灣聖公會 ‘日課讀經裝備測驗’ Taiwan Episcopal Church ~ Daily Text Exams!

It’s exam time!  How to encourage people to read the Bible in Taiwan?  Tests of course! While this may well put tons of people off reading the Bible elsewhere, here it is a tried and well yes, ‘tested’ means of success!

IMG_0356 IMG_0357

After a few years of the Taiwan Episcopal Church encouraging everyone to read their Bibles through tests on the Sunday Readings, now we are launching forth on Daily Text Exams, meaning the daily readings from the Lectionary, with short ‘Thought for the Day’ readings to accompany them, written by our clergy.   We started in Advent 2013, and the tests are held on the last Sunday of every odd-numbered month immediately after the service (before the church lunch) – which means yesterday was the first one.  GO GO GO everyone!

IMG_0371 IMG_0363 IMG_0377 IMG_0373

And how does Bishop Lai encourage us still further? By offering individual prizes and church prizes for those who participate and complete the course, and for those who get high marks.  As the church prizes are money – for the church – so motivation is high of course!  And especially as Advent Church launches into its construction project for a new church centre, so we need all the money we can get for the new facilities…

IMG_0391 IMG_0386 IMG_0397 IMG_0395

Not surprisingly, for Advent Church at least this project is one you need to opt out off, rather than opt into ~ so GO GO GO Advent Church!

IMG_0396 IMG_0402

SMILE – it’s test time!

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