London, ah, London!

Taiwan to UK and now back again…. via London of course ~ and what a great city, though sadly there’s never ever enough time! So only for a few hours on my way here, there and everywhere….

And back to Taiwan last night ~ thanking you all for your prayers and support!

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2 Responses to London, ah, London!

  1. Nicky chater says:

    Your pictures are really good – they would make lovely cards/postcards. We will be thinking of you and remembering you in our prayers; at least you are leaving London at the time the weather is moving into the cold, darker, wetter days of autumn!
    See you again soon in UK, hope the Bishops’ gathering goes well. Do you need a new UK base? please get in contact if so.
    Nicky, (Mike, Harriet and Peter).

  2. Every blessing Catherine ….see you soon …hopefully … in Cape Town or Dar es Salaam !..

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