Welcoming The Episcopal Church House of Bishops to Taiwan ~ YES!

Today is welcome day ~ and we were all there, at the welcome desk at the Grand Hotel in Taipei, there to welcome all the bishops, spouses and guests from the Episcopal Church here for the House of Bishops Autumn Meeting ~ coming from all over the USA, plus central America, their first time ever to meet in Asia, and for many their first ever trip to Asia…. almost 200 expected, some delayed by the typhoon in Hong Kong and many arriving later tonight….

We were there alongside Lori and Ednice from the Episcopal Church HQ in New York ~ there doing registering ~ while we were welcoming everyone on behalf of the Diocese of Taiwan and presenting diocesan bags full of nice things…

Oh yes, almost forgot to say that as we arrived at the Grand Hotel at 7:30am, so did Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-Jeou, there for a meeting unrelated to us – spot the blurry photo of him and his entourage as he arrived, and then left an hour later….

And here we all are, us and lots of happy smiling bishops, spouses and guests….

Smiling faces all round ~ and a big welcome to Taiwan!

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3 Responses to Welcoming The Episcopal Church House of Bishops to Taiwan ~ YES!

  1. Ho Tsang Hing says:

    Dear Catherine:
    On behalf of the Hong Kong Anglican Church PROVINCIAL ECHO, we would be very much pleased to ask for your permission to use the photo to be printed in the said weekly in the report of the Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops Autumn Meeting in Taiwan. We will acknowledge in each photo with “Catherine Lee”. Thank you in anticipation.
    yours truly
    HO, Tsang-Hing
    ( Executive Editor of PROVINCIAL ECHO)

  2. HO Tsang-Hing says:

    感恩不盡!Thankyou !!!

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