Heighington, Co. Durham

What a wonderful village ~ and what wonderful memories!

Heighington, Co. Durham is where I started teaching (Reception Class, aged 4-5) way back in 1985, and although I was there only 4 years, it was home ~ and a great place to be.  And it was from there that off I went to join CMS and so to Tanzania and Taiwan ~ so it’s my home church too….

Fast forward to last week, and there I was back in Heighington for a whole week, yippee! Staying with lovely friends, Anne and Nev, meeting up with new vicar Lissa, speaking in Heighington Church, a day in Heighington Primary School, plus catching up with lots of old friends, including many former colleagues from Heighington Primary School.

Finished my week with the Heighington Christmas Fair on Saturday, including tea and scones with old pupils, and with the new Mayor of Darlington and his wife, Gerald and Ruth Lee (us Lees get everywhere!) who also live in Heighington…

And finally to the Bay Horse to meet up with 3 more of my former pupils from Heighington – they were 5 at the time, and now, well, all grown up!

Thank you everyone for your wonderful welcome, gracious hospitality, delicious meals, teas and coffees, fun and laughter ~ plus your care and support over the years, all much appreciated!

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