Good Shepherd Summer Camp 2015

Every summer, Good Shepherd Church Kindergarten in Shilin, Taipei City, holds an English Bible Summer Camp as part of their main teaching program for primary-aged children  ~ 4 mornings a week for 4 weeks ~ and we’ve just started – YEAH!  So here I am, staying at Good Shepherd Church – which is currently like a construction site as they are installing a lift.  T’will be great when’t finished, but for now we’re living in clouds of dust!

There’s 20 children, 2 other teachers and me.  The classes focus on the first 5 chapters of Matthew’s Gospel, every day a different story or section ~ ah yes, I’ll be telling the Christmas story in August!  Character-building lessons as well as Bible teaching.  But we haven’t started Matthew yet, we’re revising a bit of the Old Testament first ~ and after the story of Adam and Eve hiding in the garden from God, here they all are, hiding in the playground, posing for, well, a group photo with a difference!


So please pray for these delightful children and their families, and for us and the witness of Good Shepherd Church and Kindergarten in the local community….

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