On Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtimes, up I ascend to the top floor (10th) of our highest building at St. John’s University to the Dept of Applied English for ‘chatroom’ classes ~ real live conversation in English which students can sign up for in one’s and two’s for an hour at a time….

Good exercise of course, walking up all those steps, and occasionally I’m rewarded with the most wonderful views at the top, like today…. in all directions!

wpid-img_20151014_140658.jpg wpid-img_20151014_140749_1444803938993.jpg

And great chat, of course ~ as always with lovely students!

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2 Responses to THE VIEW!

  1. Penny Filer says:

    Wow that is so wonderful.

  2. balaam says:

    Wonderful views, though I’d be sitting back to the window to stave off vertigo.

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