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Tamsui Treasures!

Bright orange U-bikes have arrived in Tamsui, and not just down by the river, but up in northern Tamsui, by the sports centre and Carrefour ~ yippee!  So a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon is riding around on … Continue reading

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Happy Wedding Day Mr. You Bo-Min 游博閔弟兄 and Ms. Hsu Ying-Ping 徐穎蘋姊妹!

A beautifully sunny day at Advent Church for the wedding of our former student, Mr. You Bo-Min 游博閔 and his lovely wife, Ms. Hsu Ying-Ping 徐穎蘋 ~ congratulations to them both ~ and their families!  Here they for the group photo, … Continue reading

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CMS Link Letter # 72!

Hot off the press comes my latest CMS (Church Mission Society) Link Letter, written on Saturday June 3, published yesterday…. check it out here: Catherine Lee 72 And in case you’re wondering, we’re in the middle of another Plum Rain … Continue reading

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St. John’s University Graduation 2017!

Yes, this past week has been the final week for our final year students ~ congratulations to them all! Last Thursday night, our student fellowship had a big farewell event for the 7 student fellowship members who are graduating.  We … Continue reading

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Sanzhi 三芝 in Bloom!

Sanzhi 三芝 is blooming – currently full of fields of lotus flowers… And if you’re up really early, you’ll get to see the flowering dragon fruits (pitahaya), which bloom overnight and wilt when the sun comes up. The flowers are … Continue reading

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Rainageddon Hits Taiwan

And it was quite some weekend…. 644 mm of rain fell on Sanzhi on Friday from about 2:00 – 11:00 am. That was the start of it all.  This was the scene on the coastal road on Friday morning from … Continue reading

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Happy Dragon Boat Festival 2017 @ Taipei!

It was all happening at Dazhi Riverside in Taipei this morning ~ the final day of 3 days of Dragon Boat Competitions!  The sun was out, the weather was warm, and everyone was rowing hard! In good weather, and with … Continue reading

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