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Rixing Type Foundry 日星鑄字行 ~ the last Traditional Chinese Character Letterpress in Taiwan

Down a tiny little backstreet in Taipei City surrounded by hardware stores is just what you don’t expect to find ~ a shop full of rows and rows of tiny little Chinese characters! This article titled, “6 Things You Didn’t … Continue reading

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Old and the New, Ancient and Modern ~ Welcome to Changhua 彰化!

Changhua is at the heart of rural Taiwan.  Honest, it don’t get much more rural than Changhua!  It’s just south of Taichung, so it’s the beginning of southern Taiwan.  Flat farmland stretches for miles from the coast inland – with … Continue reading

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Tamsui Treasures!

Bright orange U-bikes have arrived in Tamsui, and not just down by the river, but up in northern Tamsui, by the sports centre and Carrefour ~ yippee!  So a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon is riding around on … Continue reading

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Happy Dragon Boat Festival 2017 @ Taipei!

It was all happening at Dazhi Riverside in Taipei this morning ~ the final day of 3 days of Dragon Boat Competitions!  The sun was out, the weather was warm, and everyone was rowing hard! In good weather, and with … Continue reading

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50th Anniversary Celebrations @ St. John’s University, Taiwan 聖約翰科技大學50週年校慶!

An amazing week of 50th anniversary celebrations ~ and many many congratulations to St. John’s University.  This is the grand blowing out of the candles and cutting of the cake! But first a bit of history…. ‘St. John’s University, Taiwan … Continue reading

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My Kinda Art @ Taichung!

Every month off I go to Taichung to do the sermon in the St. James’ Church English Service, usually on the bus or train, and occasionally, just occasionally by High Speed Rail. Saturday was a rare HSR day…. St. James’ … Continue reading

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Taipei MRT: Underwater Office and Coffee Shop in the Clouds!

Passed through Songjiang Nanjing MRT Station in Taipei yesterday ~ this is some of the public art – I love it! The Wikipedia website says this about the Public Art: ‘The theme for the Songshan Line station is “Metropolitan Images … Continue reading

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