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On Top of the World! Yushan / Jade Mountain 玉山 ~ Taiwan’s Highest Mountain 3,952 m (12,966 ft)!

Occasionally, just very occasionally, so many good things happen all at once to make an event so amazing and unexpectedly awesome, that even the hardest of sceptics are won over.  Such was our ascent of Taiwan’s highest mountain, Yushan / … Continue reading

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A Splash of Sunshine….

Reflections on the water bamboo field in Sanzhi early this morning…. ‘Each day I seek a sunbeam, a luminous moment of grace, be it a poetic passage, a compassionate glance, an affirmative word. Just a single sunbeam, nothing more. This … Continue reading

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鄭陳愛美姊妹追思感恩聖餐禮拜 R.I.P Mrs. Cheng Chen Ai-Mei

Our beloved church member, Mrs. Cheng Chen Ai-Mei 鄭陳愛美姊妹 (known to us as Cheng Mama 鄭媽媽) died on March 14, and this past Saturday was her Memorial Service in Advent Church. Her cremation and burial of ashes took place a … Continue reading

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Penghu 澎湖 ~ a great place for Children’s Day 兒童節 ~ and birthday celebrations!

Greetings to you all from Zhuwan 竹灣 Village, Penghu! And Happy Children’s Day 兒童節 for April 4 from us all in Xiyu Presbyterian Church 西嶼長老教會, Penghu too! Yes, April 1-4 this year was a 4-day weekend for us in Taiwan, … Continue reading

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All About Mission @ 聖司提反堂 St. Stephen’s Church, Keelung!

St. Stephen’s Church in wet and rainy Keelung is always buzzing with life and activity ~ and Saturday was no different, YES!  It may have been yet another wet and horrible day outside, but oh, so warm and inviting inside! … Continue reading

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Welcoming Presiding Bishop Michael Curry 美國聖公會主席主教孔茂功 to Taiwan!

Such a great weekend for us all in Taiwan ~ YES! Yes, an amazing few days welcoming The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church – and his team from New York.  Here they all are … Continue reading

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Happy Chinese New Year from Beautiful Bangalore, South India!

Rarely, possibly once in a lifetime, does such a wonderful opportunity come along ~ a chance to take 2 of my very good friends from Taiwan along with me to visit my many very good friends in South India ~ … Continue reading

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