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Penghu 澎湖 ~ a great place for Children’s Day 兒童節 ~ and birthday celebrations!

Greetings to you all from Zhuwan 竹灣 Village, Penghu! And Happy Children’s Day 兒童節 for April 4 from us all in Xiyu Presbyterian Church 西嶼長老教會, Penghu too! Yes, April 1-4 this year was a 4-day weekend for us in Taiwan, … Continue reading

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Happy Children’s Day 兒童節 in Laomei Village 石門鄉老梅!

Laomei Elementary School 老梅國小 is in Shimen Township on Taiwan’s northern tip, and on a sunny day in spring and summer it’s beautiful.  The rest of the time, sadly it is not. The rain lashes down in buckets, the wind … Continue reading

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Alishan 阿里山 Sakura Cherry Blossom is out!

And looking spectacular!  If you have any free time in the next few weeks, you just must make time to go to Alishan and see the cherry blossom, it’s stunning! I went yesterday.  It’s only a week before the official … Continue reading

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Happy Chinese New Year from Beautiful Bangalore, South India!

Rarely, possibly once in a lifetime, does such a wonderful opportunity come along ~ a chance to take 2 of my very good friends from Taiwan along with me to visit my many very good friends in South India ~ … Continue reading

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Bringing in the New Year 2017 on Taiwan’s beautiful east coast @ 台東 Taitung!

Yes, Happy New Year 2017 from Taiwan’s beautiful east coast! After my visit to the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross in Shangwu, Dawu Township, Taitung County on Friday, I stayed on in Taitung and was joined by good … Continue reading

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Yehliu Geopark ~ in the sun!

Yes, a rare sunny weekend, YIPPEE! Welcomed Lydia from the UK to visit Advent Church this morning and then to Yehliu Geopark this afternoon, not far from Jinshan ~ in beautiful sunshine!  Lydia even posed by one of the rocks … Continue reading

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Trailer of Hollywood movie ‘Silence’ shot in Taiwan released | Taiwan News

Coming soon ~ the new movie ‘Silence’, all filmed in Taiwan ~ and in the meantime, check out the trailer…. “The official trailer of Hollywood movie SILENCE was released on Wednesday, making many locations around Taiwan seen around the world. … Continue reading

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