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鄭陳愛美姊妹追思感恩聖餐禮拜 R.I.P Mrs. Cheng Chen Ai-Mei

Our beloved church member, Mrs. Cheng Chen Ai-Mei 鄭陳愛美姊妹 (known to us as Cheng Mama 鄭媽媽) died on March 14, and this past Saturday was her Memorial Service in Advent Church. Her cremation and burial of ashes took place a … Continue reading

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Penghu 澎湖 ~ a great place for Children’s Day 兒童節 ~ and birthday celebrations!

Greetings to you all from Zhuwan 竹灣 Village, Penghu! And Happy Children’s Day 兒童節 for April 4 from us all in Xiyu Presbyterian Church 西嶼長老教會, Penghu too! Yes, April 1-4 this year was a 4-day weekend for us in Taiwan, … Continue reading

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Such a great visit to 大禮大同部落 Dali Datong Village, Taroko Gorge, Hualien ~ Home of 頭目達道 Truku Chief Dadao!

What an amazing place, amazing weekend, and what amazing people! Chief Dadao (頭目達道) of the Truku (Taroko) Tribe lives high up on a beautiful plateau, at over 1,100 m in altitude, way up above the steep slopes of the spectacular … Continue reading

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Today’s ‪‎must-see‬ sights of Taipei!

Early this morning and a huge ‪‎inflatable Rev. George L. ‪Mackay‬ ‪馬偕博士 ‬ clutching a large ‪molar‬ was awaiting installation for tomorrow’s inauguration of Taiwan’s new president ‪‎Tsai Ing-Wen‬ ‪蔡英文‬ outside the ‪Taiwan Presidential Palace in ‪‎Taipei … ‪ Mackay … Continue reading

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台灣聖公會台中市聖雅各幼兒園「給夢想一雙翅膀」愛心園遊會 ~ St. James’ Preschool, Taichung, Charity Bazaar 2016!

And this year, even more lovely people came than usual, and lots of smiling VIPs came too ~ here they all are last Saturday at the St. James’ Charity Bazaar! Every year on the Saturday before Mother’s Day weekend, St. … Continue reading

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北海岸聯合詩班頌讚暨聯誼 Amazing Choir Festival @ Advent Church!

Scattered around here and further along the coast are several small churches with amazing choirs, and yesterday Advent Church was packed for our first choir festival ~ YES! The main inspiration for the choir festival came from our church members, … Continue reading

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The Old and the New: Sanzhi Presbyterian Church 台灣基督長老教會三芝教會

Last week’s gloriously sunny weather for Chinese New Year meant that everything looked so beautiful! I’ve found 5 small churches in Sanzhi Town, and the biggest is the Sanzhi Presbyterian Church 台灣基督長老教會三芝教會 ~ they’re busy constructing a new church building, along … Continue reading

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