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Street Art @ 淡水老街 Tamsui Old Street ~ love it!

Discovered some wonderful new (to me, that is) street art on the walls of Tamsui Old Street area 淡水老街 today ~ including this one of Dr. George Mackay, first Presbyterian missionary to northern Taiwan (1844-1901), who arrived in Tamsui in … Continue reading

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Tamsui Treasures!

Bright orange U-bikes have arrived in Tamsui, and not just down by the river, but up in northern Tamsui, by the sports centre and Carrefour ~ yippee!  So a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon is riding around on … Continue reading

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鄭陳愛美姊妹追思感恩聖餐禮拜 R.I.P Mrs. Cheng Chen Ai-Mei

Our beloved church member, Mrs. Cheng Chen Ai-Mei 鄭陳愛美姊妹 (known to us as Cheng Mama 鄭媽媽) died on March 14, and this past Saturday was her Memorial Service in Advent Church. Her cremation and burial of ashes took place a … Continue reading

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Advent Word, Day 14 ‘glow’

Day 14 #glow #光明 Sunday December 11, Third Sunday in Advent ‘As children of the light we have the opportunity to either squander God’s riches or to capitalize on them by being ministers of God’s light, life, and love for … Continue reading

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Sticky Tape Wall Art!

Check this out!  This wall art at Tamsui Sports Center is made of lines and lines, rows and rows of black sticky tape! Amazing eh?!

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Welcoming Nicky and Harriet to Taiwan ~ YES!

And not a dull moment since they arrived either ~ the two of them are just so hilarious, it’s non-stop entertainment all day long! Harriet was here in Taiwan with her dad, Mike 2 years ago (see that blog post … Continue reading

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Tamsui 淡水 in June!

The best month of the year in Tamsui is definitely June ~ forget yesterday’s torrential rains and focus instead on today’s blue skies, blue sea and all the flowers, and especially at Dr. George L. Mackay‘s old clinic (now museum … Continue reading

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